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    Our focus is to shape our brand name as a manufacturer of American furniture that is simple and classy,
    from pure American-style to mix-cultural style.
    Positano Series
    Without tediousness and luxury, this Mediterranean-style furniture series demonstrates the American country style, winning applauses from many with its fresh and natural style. Integrating two different styles of outstanding elements, this simple yet romantic Positano series emphasizes a life style of "back to nature" – meaning it will make you feel relaxed at home.
    St. Petersburg Series
    Made of rubber wood, this St. Petersburg series is showing a wonderful shape, solid and solemn, noble and lavish, revealing a grand American style and nostalgic quaint burlywood – not only natural but also sedate.
    Caroline Series
    Made of high-grade Catalpa wood, this Caroline series comes with a solid wood frame, featured by its durable substance, clear grain and bright luster. With professional polishing technology, it boasts its surface with smooth quality.
    Riviera Series
    With a luxurious style, this Riviera series is presenting an innovative art of American furniture. Based on the most sophisticated high-end carving skills, this series is interpreting a life style reflecting upstart families by incorporating spirituality with rationality.
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